Can I really design a unique jewelry without experience or illustration skills?

Yes! All you need is an inspiration. A sketch would be useful but not necessary. We work with clients with little to no experience to experts in the industry.

Is custom jewelry more expensive?

No. In fact, you’ll pay less for a custom engagement ring than you would buying a generic ring at a retail store. Retail Stores mark up their jewelry exponentially.

As for comparing jewelry that is outsourced overseas, yes it might be cheaper but you’re likely sacrificing build and quality.

Do you work with clients outside of Los Angeles?

We have clients all over US and Europe. It’s always nice to do business in person and the technology right now makes it extremely easy to communicate.

What makes RCA Design Studio different than other jewelry studios?

Simply put, we’re an all-in-one studio; we take care of everything from 3d design to final fabrication. This makes the whole process a lot more efficient.

Also, despite having more than a decade of experience, our co-founders and staff are a bit younger than in most other jewelry production companies, and we’re always on the pulse of the next big thing in jewelry production.

Our office is super friendly and we encourage our clients to come in for an in-person visit whenever they want. (Though it’s best to call us ahead of time!)

Does your studio offer jewelry in wholesale quantities?

While we specialize in one time custom pieces and collections, larger orders are possible. Feel free to contact us to discuss wholesale production.

Is there a minimum order amount?

There is no minimum order. We can produce or design only one piece of jewelry, or your entire collection. We can also produce samples.

Does your studio manufacture jewelry from start to finish?

Yes, we take care of the entire process from start to finish, including design, wax printing, and stone setting. All of our jewelers are highly qualified and have years of experience in the industry.